Los Angeles, California


  • C.G. Launch, The Latino Prevention Project supported the idea from East LA & Montebello community members to launch a Community Garden Project as a healthy alternative to cope with life.

  • FUTURO Meeting, Families United To Uphold Responsible Ordinances a community workgroup of LPP comprised of  East LA & Montebello community members to reduce the access and availability of Alcohol & Other Drugs.

  • Family Support, The Latino Prevention Project and FUTURO provides support to community where they are.

  • FUTURO Youth RAM Web Launch, FUTURO youth advocates for the prevention of marijuana use among youth.

  • MPSI Petition, FUTURO collects signatures for community buy-in for the placement of no smoking/vaping marijuana signage at public parts to reduce marijuana second hand smoke.


2607 Colorado Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90040

1901 Royal Oaks Drive, Suite 101 Sacramento, CA 95815 

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