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Latino Men's Recovery Home

For 47 years the California Hispanic Commission Alcohol and Drug Abuse (CHCADA) has led the way to reduce substance use dependency amongst the Latino population throughout California,  providing a broad range of services that transcend racial/ethnic and gender lines. Uniquely cognizant of the fact that the genesis of substance abuse disorders is often located within biochemical and genetic factors; familial circumstances; psychological dynamics, and within the realm of the environmental and the sociocultural, CHCADA is a private, nonprofit community-based organization that has always sought to address both the antecedents and the secondary effects of substance abuse and dependency through the use of comprehensive interdisciplinary services.

Residential Treatment 
CHCADA’s Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment programs provide recovery services that are available on a twenty-four (24) hour, seven (7) day a week basis to adult participants who have alcohol and/or drug substance use disorders.  Our six (6) bed residential homes for men and women with alcohol and drug abuse problems. Our programs are designed to provide up to 90 days of recovery services to men and women seeking a clean and sober life.


Staff provide group, family, and individual counseling, as well as education and training in the areas of health, employment, recovery, and life management skills. In addition, culturally and nutritionally balanced meals, recreation, and physical fitness activities are provided and play an important part of the program.


•    Screening/Assessment/Intake 
•    Individual Counseling 
•    Group Counseling 
•    Treatment Planning 
•    Crisis Intervention 
•    Patient Education 
•    Family Therapy 
•    Collateral Services 
•    Medication Services 
•    Discharge Services 
•    Alcohol/Drug Testing 
•    Case Management
•    Resource Linkages
•    Transportation

•    Services are provided at no cost if you are eligible for Medi-Cal and My Health LA.
•    We can help you enroll 
•    Walk-ins are welcome

2436 WABASH AVENUE                    
LOS ANGELES, CA 90033                    
OFFICE (323)780-8756    


1901 Royal Oaks Drive, Suite 101 Sacramento, CA 95815 

(916) 443-5473

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