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Established in 1975 in order to reduce alcohol abuse and dependency amongst Latino males in Central California, the California Hispanic Commission quickly expanded its service offerings to address the needs of multiple-risk populations throughout the State. While remaining committed to the provision of culture-specific services to Latinos, the California Hispanic Commission now provides a broad range of services that transcend racial/ethnic and gender lines. Uniquely cognizant of the fact that the genesis of substance abuse disorders is often located within biochemical and genetic factors; familial circumstances; psychological dynamics, and within the realm of the environmental and the sociocultural, CHCADA is a private, nonprofit community-based organization that has always sought to address both the antecedents and the secondary effects of substance abuse and dependency through the use of comprehensive interdisciplinary services.


CHCADAseeks to provide culturally competent bicultural, bilingual,and monolingual services that will reduce the environmental vulnerability of low –income Latinos and other marginalized populations in California and throughout the United States. CHCADA also provides organizational development and supportive services to Latino-serving organizations.

Additionally, CHCADA also serves as an intermediary between low-income, undereducated Latinos and other populations, and the public and private institutions who provide supportive services to these groups. Finally, CHCADA, through research and evaluation, film and video and other means, documents and confirms the changing status of the populations that it serves.

1901 Royal Oaks Drive, Suite 101 Sacramento, CA 95815 

(916) 443-5473

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