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44 years of


CHCADA has helped its clients realize a more promising future through its program service delivery


Over the years, CHCADA has helped its clients realize a more promising future through its program service delivery. CHCADA offers Outpatient Drug-Free (ODF) Individual Counseling, Intensive Outpatient Treatment and MAT referral.


  • Outpatient Drug-Free (ODF) services can include:

  • Intake;

  • Individual and/or group counseling;

  • Medical direction;

  • Medication services (if applicable);

  • Crisis intervention;

  • Treatment and discharge planning; and

  • Collateral services.


  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOT) services can include:

  • Intake;

  • Admission;

  • Individual and/or group counseling;

  • Physical examinations;

  • Medical direction;

  • Medication services;

  • Drug testing;

  • Treatment and discharge planning;

  • Crisis intervention;

  • Collateral services.


  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) services can include:

  • Screening;

  • Counseling (alcohol);

  • Light Counseling (opioid);

  • Treatment (alcohol)

  • Referrals (opioid)



Residential Treatment

CHCADA provides residential substance abuse treatment to youth in gender-specific homes in Los Angeles County. Our residential homes, Latinos Residential Recovery Home and Latinas Residential Recovery Home are some of the oldest CHCADA programs still in operation. These residential facilities currently house 6 clients per home. CHCADA’s philosophy and treatment approach for the residential programs is a straightforward one. We believe that in providing residential treatment services to Latinos and Latinas, several guidelines must be followed. First, outreach must be intensive and persuasive in order to induce these populations to enroll in a residential program. Simultaneously, the prospective clients must be at a point in their substance use cycle that they feel an urgent need for help in overcoming their dependency. Second, services offered must be designed to address multiple substance use. Third, the treatment services must incorporate factors that assist the clients in their cultural transition. Fourth, the treatment program must be structured to allow the clients to discuss their feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions without fear of censor. These and other components are included in CHCADA’s program.


Services provided in the residential setting include: medical and mental health consultation, educational training; recreational therapy; career and job counseling; and other. Self-help support groups and a 12-step program are critical components of the services offered.


Client Engagement and Navigation Service (CENS)
Through its CENS site located at 9033 Washington Blvd. in Pico Rivera, CHCADA assesses the substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and other needs for Drug Medi-Cal (DMC), General Relief (GR), and other individuals. CENS activities include: client outreach and engagement, eligibility and enrollment, education, screening, appointment scheduling, reminders and follow-up, service navigation, the provision of referrals and linkages to other providers, creation and archiving of documentation, reporting, and agency and community education.


Mental Health and Addiction Services for Adolescents (MASA)

CHCADA provides comprehensive, culturally sensitive and relevant treatment for Latino adolescents with mental health and substance abuse issues. This program helps to address significant familial, social, spiritual, economic and educational challenges that this population faces on a daily basis.


In-Custody Juvenile Drug Court Treatment Services

CHCADA provides in-custody juvenile drug treatment services to juvenile alcohol and other drug offenders. Closely monitored and provided in a juvenile correctional facility, and/or offsite at one of the CHCADA’s facilities. The services include counseling and do not include and medication prescription or administration.


Domestic Violence Supportive Services (DVSS)

CHCADA’s provides victims of domestic violence an encouraging environment where they can engage in services that will promote a healing process. Our trained staff coordinates a program modeled by the strengths-based approach that centers on empowering client’s existing strengths. We honor the importance of culture, family, and community for our clients; therefore we incorporate all systems of value to support violence free lives. Our domestic violence services include the following:

•Temporary emergency housing

• Comprehensive Case-Management

• Resource referrals

• Court Support/Restraining Order Services

• Domestic Violence Support Group

• Domestic Violence Education

• Parenting Classes

• Counseling

• Life Skills Education



The goal of CHCADA’s prevention programs is to promote protective factors that can serve as characteristics to foster positive and healthy youth also serve adults development in its clients.


  • Adolescent Prevention Services (APS)
    This program provides prevention-based services to at-risk youth between the ages of 12 and 17.  Youth are provided with in-school educational sessions as well as alternative afterschool activities, including advocacy projects and recreational activities.

  • Comprehensive Prevention Services (CPS)
    This program implements evidence-based prevention services in school settings to youth and adults and offers afterschool leadership opportunities to youth ages 14 to 21.  The program sustains continued active involvement and collaboration of local community residents and others knowledgeable of the local community substance use-related issues.

  • Environmental Prevention Services (EPS)
    This program collaborates with local community stakeholders, businesses, decision-makers, and community residents to increase environmental protective factors to reduce access and availability of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) among youth and young adults.


All prevention efforts are carefully monitored and evaluated.



  • CHCADA’s CENS and MASA building located at 9033 Washington Blvd. in Pico Rivera, offers CENS, DMC and MASA services.


  • CHCADA’s Latino Family Center site located at 3316-3320 W. Beverly Blvd. in Montebello manages the agency’s DMC services, General Relief services, Drug Court services, in-custody juvenile drug treatment services, domestic violence supportive services and the Latinos and Latinas residential treatment homes for youth.


  • CHCADA’s San Gabriel Valley Center site located at 11046 Valley Mall in El Monte offers DMC and DVSS services


  • CHCADA’s Latino Prevention Project site located at 2607 Colorado Blvd. In Los Angeles directs the agency’s prevention services.

1901 Royal Oaks Drive, Suite 101 Sacramento, CA 95815 

(916) 443-5473

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